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Minsk prepares unusual souvenirs

07 October 2010 at 14:15 CEST

For now they're just tiny white felt boots. But the designer, Lora Pavlova, promises to turn them into exclusive toy footwear during the next month. 

"I have developed my personal design - hand knitted felt boots with cross-stitched logo. Moreover, I write out some words on them by hand - "Junior Eurovision" and "Minsk-2010," she said.

Making felt boots is difficult. A master should felt wet wool. Felt boots appeared in Belarus some 200 years ago and became very popular. Now there are different kinds of felt boots: fall and spring, with ornaments, drawings, and you can find them in different colours. 

"30-40 years ago felt boots were basic winter footwear for Belarusians. But nowadays you can see people wearing felt boots in very cold weather in Minsk. And they are right, after all felt boots are made of real wool. Therefore they are also very healthy," the designer added.

But felt boots is not the only surprise prepared by the organisers. Minsk is ready to surprise you!