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Life after JESC - Josie Zec!

20 February 2015 at 10:33 CET

"Excitement !!!!" says Josie, of the moments before she stepped on to the stage in Malta. But then "Mixed emotions," she says. "I learned that nothing is perfect like in the movies.  It was a rollercoaster and it certainly was not the peak of my career but one of the key events at the start.  This is just the beginning for me and I learned a lot.”

"When I returned home, everyone was supportive and they had a lot of questions to ask me about the experience, and I answered them as best I could.  Overall, I tried to get back to normal with school, family, friends and choir.  I had to get back into the momentum of my regular life. "

Thinking back now to the contest, what are Josie's best memories? “Making videos with my backup dancers Sven and Eros my backup dancers, such as the ‘behind the scenes’ we did at the palace – which is on my YouTube page and one we made that was a beauty pageant featuring the boys." she explained.

I will always remember the fans; especially the ones in Gozo at the high school visit.

Many great songs took part, but which did Josie like the most? "Happy Day by Lizzie Pop – it was catchy, age appropriate, and it really suited her and her personality" she says.


"It’s a lot tougher than it looks," explains Josie, about taking part in the competition and what she would say to others. "You have to be prepared for not only what goes on on-stage but also behind the scenes.  Even though you are young, you have to hold your own and be tough. Don’t get too distracted and practice, practice, practice."

Since coming back from Junior Eurovision, Josie has been a very busy girl! “I re-recorded the song 'Game Over' and made CD’s for charity to raise money for a hospital in Zagreb. I also sang Christmas carols to open a charity event for the diplomatic community of several thousand visitors at the International Women’s Club Zagreb Christmas Bazaar in and made a guest appearance for the Megablast Christmas dance show where I sang the opening and closing act.  The finale was an encore of our ‘Game Over’ performance with Sven and Eros and 300 other dancers in front of a packed audience," she told us.

“Sven and Eros and their dance troupe had a follow-up show on HRT television and I was profiled on RTL television for my diverse interests in music, technology and entrepreneurship.  With my choir, I performed in several operas at the Croatian National Theatre (HNK) including Ivica and Marica (Hansel and Gretel) as well as Tosca.  We also sang in concert at the famous Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall." As many of our readers will know, the Lisinski Hall hosted the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest! 

"I will continue to perform in Croatia and on tour with Zvjezdice Choir.  I have written a lot of new songs and will record them when I have at least eight ready,” says Josie, looking forward to the year ahead.

That’s a lot on her plate and we certainly haven’t heard the last of Josie!