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Josie's love story

25 October 2014 at 10:39 CEST

Josephine Ida Zec, or simply Josie, is a 14 year old girl, born in Philadelphia, USA, but lives in Zagreb ever since she was two months old. She started music, dance and acting lessons while still in kindergarten, however, her passion is technology. She went to her first Coding Conference in summer 2014 where she pitched her idea for a teen girl coding series she called Pyxie Dust Project. She was the main organizer and participant of the Pyxie Dust Project event held September 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia. Josie is left handed, and completely bilingual.

Josie's road to Malta

Josie launched her own YouTube channel as her summer vacation project which features her own writing, acting, directing and editing of video shorts on a variety of themes. In 2013, she started writing her own songs in both English and Croatian. The songs she wrote brought her big success, and made the answer to HRT's question on "Who should Croatia send to Junior Eurovision?" very easy!

About the song

"Game Over" is a love story, that doesn't end up exactly as Josie wanted it to end. She is hurt, but she does not feel defeated, nor crushed, and she will stay strong and with her head up high, even though it's "Game Over" for the two of them.

On stage

Josie promises to give a very strong, playful and dynamic performance, and even though it's a song about a break-up, she will prove that she is strong and determined to live and let go. She'll be joined by two dancers, with an energetic on-stage atmosphere.

Video greeting

Josie has sent us a special video greeting. You can watch it below!

You can find out more about Josie by reading her biography and the lyrics of her song.

Watch Josie's Video!