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Josie: "I just want to play fair and meet friends"

11 November 2014 at 14:05 CET

She held her initial rehearsal this morning, marking the first time since 2006 since we've seen an entry from her nation performed here at Junior Eurovision.

Josefine Ida Zec, a whiz in the world of social media and technology, lets her personality shine through on the stage; her backdrop is full of binary code and shades of red, green, and blue. Her dancers, Double S (Sven Sever) and Crazy E (Eros Bukal), add to the energy of the scene. By the end of the song, Josie and the boys storm down the catwalk, where they'll feed off the energy of the crowd!

Josie is happy with her first rehearsal. saying "we learned a lot. It's definitely interesting, since I've never been on such a big stage and seeing all of the equipment was a first for me, so I'm getting used to it!" She liked how unique and personalized her presenation was, and how the stage can fit anyone's song.

As for her goals for the competition, Josie's pretty levelheaded. "I just want to be myself...I don't want to change, since I'm happy I am who I am. Winning would be pretty nice, but I just want to play fair and meet friends." At this point, Crazy E chimed in, "We want to win!"

Croatia's Josie will be performing "Game Over" 4th in the running order on Saturday night.

Here's a snippet of Josie's first rehearsal: