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Hearts beating fast in Lemesos!

20 November 2008 at 16:25 CET

Belgium's Oliver gave another dramatical act. He still kneels after coming away from the piano and the backing dancers give an emotional performance. It all works on stage and looks clean and polished.

The Bulgarian Krestiana Kresteva has cute heart-shaped glasses and this seems to be the carrying figure of the song as it is also on the backdrop. In the middle of the performance all the kids on stage come together around a boy to whom a heart-pillow is given and taken. This does make it dramatical, though! She does a great job vocally which has become a tradition with our young stars.

Maja Mazić from Serbia brought the sun to the stage with her positivity! She had a good rehearsal and to prove that, the woman who was one of the producers of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Anja Roglic' was there to cheer!