First rehearsal of Armenia’s Karina Ignatyan with ‘Colours Of Your Dream’
The Junior Eurovision 2019 stage in Gliwice-Silesia. Photo: Thomas Hanses

First rehearsals of Junior Eurovision 2019 kick off

The first delegations hit the stage to rehearse this morning. Follow along with us live as the 10 opening participants sing their song in Gliwice for the first time.


Isea Çili of Albania was the last up on the rehearsal stage with her song Mikja ime fëmijëri.

Watch Isea's first rehearsal video below.


Karina from Armenia took a bright pink stage to rehearse Colours of Your Dream.

Watch Karina's first rehearsal video below.


Jordan Anthony's hope-filled power ballad We Will Rise was the next rehearsed.

Watch Jordan's first rehearsal video below.


Liza Misnikova was the next to light up the stage alongside neon-adorned dancers.

Watch Liza's first rehearsal video below.


With dancers in tow, French delegate Carla kicked up the energy for her first-rehearsal performance.

Watch Carla's first rehearsal video below.


After a short break, 13-year-old Giorgi Rosiashvili rehearsed We Need Love for the first time.

Watch Giorgi's first rehearsal video below.


Just before lunch, the stage was transformed into a magical forest for Anna Kearney's first rehearsal of Banshee.

Watch Anna's first rehearsal video below.


Marta Viola's La Voce Della Terra was the next song performed on the Arena Gliwice stage!

Watch Marta's first rehearsal video below.


The stage was next treated to Yerzhan Maxim's first run-through of Armanyńnan Qalma.

Watch Yerzhan's first rehearsal video below.


Malta's Eliana Gomez Blanco was the first on stage at Arena Gliwice to sing We Are More.

Watch Eliana's first rehearsal video below.

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