Day Two of Rehearsals...and away we go!

As the delegations who rehearsed yesterday enjoy a day of school visits, tours, and social programming, it is time for the rest of 2014's acts to come to the venue and give the stage their first test run. Coming up today are:

  • 10:00 - Georgia
  • 10:40 - Montenegro
  • 11:20 - Croatia
  • 12:00 - San Marino
  • 13:40 - Serbia
  • 14:20 - Slovenia
  • 15:00 - Malta
  • 15:40 - Belarus

Please remember that the order of rehearsal is not the running order for Saturday. Please keep checking in to for all of the latest news, as well as high-quality photos and videos!

Also, have you had the chance to check out our official Instagram channel yet? You can find all sorts of behind-the-scenes fun with this year's artists!

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