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Cute Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim once again on stage

12 November 2014 at 16:49 CET

The trio from Bulgaria showed us the beautiful costumes that they will wear during the big night on Saturday. Krisia is wearing a beautiful full length black and white dress, with a red bow on the back. Ibrahim was in a white suit, and played the white piano, while Hasan was wearing a black suit, and played the black piano.

Krisia is feeling much better now, but she was still saving her voice for the Friday rehearsals, when she will show the best she's got.

There were not many changes done since their first rehearsal, except for a burst of added smoke as the first chorus kicks in, and the fireworks from both sides of the stage at the very last beat of the song.

This video of Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim will show you bits of their second rehearsal, as well as some backstage footage:


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