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CANDY from Georgia win Junior 2011!

03 December 2011 at 22:32 CET

"Congratulations to Georgia for the triumphant win! And of course to all the other 12 participants of tonight's show – you're all stars in the eyes of the viewers and juries all over Europe," said Sietse Bakker, the Supervisor of the event on behalf of the EBU.

The show featured guest performances from Vladimir Arzumanyan, the winner of last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest as well as the Armenian participant from the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Sirusho. The third guest was the Swedish star and their 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest participant Molly Sandén.


The winner was chosen by the combined vote of televoters and juries all over Europe.

  1. Georgia - 108 points
  2. The Netherlands - 103 points
  3. Belarus - 99 points
  4. Russia - 99 points
  5. Armenia - 85 points
  6. Moldova - 78 points
  7. Belgium - 64 points
  8. Bulgaria - 60 points
  9. Sweden - 57 points
  10. Lithuania - 53 points
  11. Ukraine - 42 points
  12. FYR Macedonia - 31 points
  13. Latvia -  31 points

You can find the full scoreboard on the event page!

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This content is unfortunately no longer available

Next contest?

Unlike the adults' Eurovision Song Contest, the country winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest does not automatically host the next show.

The next edition of the contest will be hosted in the Netherlands in 2012. The Host Broadcaster will be AVRO, who was chosen to do so in October.