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In 2016 Poland returned to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest after a 12 year long break. Olivia Wieczorek represented the country and took Poland to 11th place.

Tonight, the Polish national final for the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes place. 10 Acts will perform their songs, and the winner will be decided by SMS votes and a jury.

The show starts at 17.30 central European time and you can watch the show on TV on TVP 1 or online on

Who would you like to see for Poland in Tbilisi this year? Let us know in the comments!

Alicja Rega – „Mój dom” (My house)
Alicja Rega has been singing and learning her stage skills since 2010 at the Center for Vocal Art in Rzeszow. Alicja took part in the first edition of Polish talent show "The Little Giants". She was selected as the best vocalist of the first show edition. Alicja also recorded songs together with the Golec Brothers and Lukasz Zagrobelny (one of the most popular adult artists in Poland) for charity purposes.

Vocal band ASMki – “Pod prąd” (Upstream)
The band consists of: Anna Kugel, Amelia Zduńczyk, Alicja Armata and Sonja Sadowska. ASMki's band was established in early 2015 and is based at the Vocal Studio of the Maciej Pawłowski Music School in Warsaw. The girls regularly perform in various vocal music programs.

Monika Urbanowicz – “Ogień miłości” (Fire of love)
Monika Urbanowicz was born in an amateur musicians family, but for 4 years she has participated in the activities of the Tadeusz Wrześniak Glassworks Orchestra, learning to play piano, trumpet and saxophone. In 2016 Monika won the second edition of the talent show "The Little Giants", also earned the title of best vocalist of the edition. At age 12, she composed, wrote and recorded her first single “Go Ahead”, along with the music video, which she posted on her YouTube channel.

Dominika Ptak – “Anioły” (Angels)
Dominika is a 13-years-old artist. Her team won the second edition of talent show “The Little Giants”. She was a participant of the Polish preselection to Junior Eurovision 2016 and she was appreciated by Eurovision fans - won the "Eurovision Second Chance" fan competition. Dominika took part in the “Debuts” competition during the 54th National Festival of Polish Songs in Opole 2017.

Stanisław Kukulski – „To co żyje w Nas” (What lives in us)
Stanisław studies in Stanisław Moniuszko’s music school in Warsaw. He plays the violin and sings. Stanisław won many music competitions, such as main prize in the age category up to 13 - small Fumka (European Foundation for the Promotion of the Talents of Children and Youth award) and GRAND PRIX of the Polish Festival “Win a success”.

Tomasz Bao – “Pochodnie” (Torches)
Tomasz was born in 2007 in Warsaw, but his family comes from Vietnam. During his recent vacation in his family origin country, Tomasz took part in "Idol Kids Vietnam”, where he reached the finals. The song "Torches" was composed by Lisa Harriton and Joshua Bartholomew. The producers were nominated for a Grammy and The Academy Award with the “Lego” movie music.

Urszula Kowalska – „Jestem jaka Jestem” (I am who I am)
Urszula is a 12-years old artist who practice her singing skills in the Center of Culture and Art in Skierniewice with trainer Ms. Aneta Figiel. She took part in many music festivals. Urszula also had the pleasure and privilege to sing together with the stars of the Polish music scene, such as Michał Szpak, Sylwia Grzeszczak and the Golec Orchestra.

Natalia Wawrzyńczyk – „Nie jesteś sam” (You are not alone)
This 12-years old singer recorded a video for her first single "A head full of sounds” in 2016. She participated in various concerts and Lublin (city of her birth) musical projects. In addition to singing, she also develops her dance passions.

Maya & Marcel – „Tacy Sami” (The same)
Maya Wasserman, co-author of the song “Tacy Sami”, will perform with Marcel Zawadzki. For their selective song, apart from Maya herself, Rafał Karasiewicz and Aleksander Potrykus are responsible.

Zespół WAMWAY – „Jesteś mym marzeniem” (You are my dream)
The WamWay band consists of five boys: Cuba, Leon, Michael, Maciej and Bartosz. All of them are students at the Music Academy where they learn singing, dancing and acting. Thanks to their skills, infinite energy, optimism and passion, they have created a unique group that allows them to fulfill their dreams.

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