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Ukraine: Aleksanyan Andranik sings Try Topoli, Try Surmy /

Aleksanyan Andranik
Song title: Try Topoli, Try Surmy

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Andranik Aleksanyan was born on 6 May 1998 in Khmelnytsky city, Ukraine, in an international family: father is from Armenia, mother Ukrainian. Andranik is a highly talented child; everything hes interested in comes easy for him. Particularly he likes singing, computers and foreign languages (English, German, and French).
Andranik has started his path to the stage in 2006. He is studying with Reshovskaya Natalya Mykolaivna at the music studio of Zaremba music school. He is diligent and creative in his studies, active in work, emotional, creates kind atmosphere around himself. Andranik is actively involved in social projects and takes part in concerts and city tours.
Every year Andranik renews substantially his song repertoire, which currently consists of several dozens of vocal pieces (45 songs).
The key principle in repertoire formation artistic value, popularity, relevance, variety.
The repertoire consists of classical, folk, modern and jazz vocal pieces, written by D. Gershvin, D. Caccini, T. Petrenenko, M. Balema, A. Zlotnyk, V. Ivasyuk, etc., as well as of songs by international performers. Andranik continuously takes part in festivals and competitions on city, regional, national and international levels both in Ukraine and abroad.
For the excellence of rendition of Ukrainian song, Andranik has been awarded with the highest award:
 Grand Prix at the Struny Sertsya (Hearts Strings) festival, Khmelnitsky, 2007;
 Grand Prix at the Pisnya nad Bugom (Song over Boug River) regional festival, Khmelnitsky, 2008;
 Grand Prix at the international festival Zoryanyi Krym (Starry Crimea) in Levadia, 2008;
 two 2-hours charity recital concerts Dityam Vulytsi (To the Children of the Street).
Andranik Aleksanyan has been regional grant-holder in 2008 and is currently a city grant-holder. He is actively engaged in concert tours, being a constant member of the concerts around the region, as well as in other regions and internationally.

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