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Serbia: Ništa lično sings Onaj pravi / Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Ništa lično
Song title: Onaj pravi

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The band „Ništa lično (Nothing Personal) was founded only a few months ago, even though its members have known each other for quite some time having taken part in numerous children's festivals as solo performers. Saša, the author of the music and co-author of the lyrics for the song „The Right One practically had a finished song that he premiered for his father. Quite pleased with what he heard, his dad sent the recording to a friend of his - Una's father in Zrenjanin. When Una heard the song she immediately sang it to her childhood friend Karolina. Very much enthused Karolina called up her friend Anica from Užice, who happened to be in the company of her brother Petar on the occasion. They were all so thrilled! Anica added some "female subtlety" to Saša's lyrics, and sent them back to him right away.
Saša reacted by inviting the entire team for a meeting in Belgrade. This brought about the spontaneous idea of founding a band, because they had PERSONALLY seen NOTHING similar before in Serbia. There came up the issue of choosing a name. They thought about it long and hard. After a while, Saša exclaimed „what do you say we call ourselves - NOTHING PERSONAL?.
They all like to point out they became involved in the whole project for the sake of meeting more frequently and having loads of fun, making the time for it between their numerous obligations at school.
They debuted at the Serbian selection for the representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and they won outright. They can hardly wait to go to Ukraine and make many new friends. Singing and friendship do not have boundaries...

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