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Malta (Destiny) is the WINNER of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Congratulations go out to Destiny Chukunyere from Malta, with the song "Not My Soul"! Winning the contest with 185 points, the 13-year-old from the city of Birkirkara won by a 9-point margin. Tonight's victory marks Malta's second victory in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in only three years!

Not only did Destiny win the trophy for her homeland, but she did it decisively: Malta's win with 185 points is the highest point total in Junior Eurovision Song Contest history, beating the high-water mark set by Spain's María Isabel in 2004.

Second place went to MIKA from Armenia with "Love", and third place went to Slovenia's Lina Kuduzović with her song "Prva ljubezen".

Trophies will be given out to our three top placed acts in a press conference immediately following the show this evening.

The full results are as follows:

185 points - Malta
176 points - Armenia
112 points - Slovenia

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