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Georgia: Princesses singing Blue Bird /Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Song titel : Blue Bird

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Six beautiful princesses. Two Mariams two Lizas one is singing and another is playing cello. Ballerina Ana and singer Elene.

This is group Princesses.

Mariam Bokeria is 11 years old. Music is everything for her. Mariam has been singing from her childhood, when she was 4 years old. She likes to dance and to sing, to read books and classical music and to spend time with her friends. Beside her age Mariam has taken part in many musical contests.

Mariam Gurgenidze is 11 years old. She started speaking and singing at the same time. Mariam likes to chat on phone, play with friends and computers. Her favorite composers are Sebastian Bach and Tchaikovsky. Mariam writes poems. She takes part in different song contests often, but Eurovision is most important for her.

Liza Kenia is 11 years old. Liza writes poems. Her mother is a famous singer and Liza has been singing from her childhood. She appeared on the stage with her mother when she was a little girl. Liza is glad that their song is classic style and modern the same time. She likes classic music, books of Astrid Lindgren and fairytales.

Elene Makashvili is 12 years old. She was participating in several song competitions. Her much loved composer is Johann Sebastian Bach, Singer - Paul McCartney and song, Yesterday. Elene likes classic style songs and modern style besides. She has a lot of friends.

Lizi Ramishvili is 12 years old. She has been playing on Cello from 6 years old. She likes music, swimming, and dancing, to play football and to spend time with friends. Every year she plays with Symphony orchestra named after Evgeni Mikeladze. Her favorite musicians are: Johann Sebastian Bach, Michael Jackson and Brian Adams.

Ana Tkeshelashvili is14 years old Ballerina. She is studding in choreography school of Vakhtang Chabukiani . Her profession needs to work hard; she does not have time for pleasure and joy. Ana likes to read books now she is reading Alex Bowie. Her favorite composers are Mozart and Schubert.

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