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Yuliya, Josefine, Liza & Sasha end the day

The last block of rehearsals was started by the Ukrainian contestant, Yuliya Gurska, who wore a small blue dress. She was accompanied by ballet dancers with traditional ballet dresses.

She proved how strong her vocals skills are and got the crowd in the arena excited as well.

Class in Sweden's act

Sweden's Josefine Ridell looked very classy on stage with her dark dress. 

The whole act is very minimalistic and sincere and she does her best to communicate with the audience through cameras.

Today's rehearsals ended with Russia's charming duo Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin, singing Boy And Girl. Their costumes remind the ones from the 2008 Georgian winners, Bzikebi with the backing vocals wearing black-dotted yellow costumes.

Their act has become even more solid, including the vocals and the whole look of it.

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