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Ymke completes Belgian lineup

When Ymke had sung her slightly nostalgic Vive La Fête, the judge, Walter Grootaers outed himself as a clairvoyant by saying that she was such an outstanding singer that we still would hear about Ymke within 50 years. Thor was also very impressed: he thought the song and the act as a whole were superb.

Then Luís took the stage with his sweet song In Mijn Dromen, but according to another judge, Ralf Mackenbach (winner of last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest), Luís performance missed a bit of punch. Stan Van Samang, another judge, thought Luís had a great voice and praised him for his courage to compete against the others with a ballad.

Once again the jury had to decide who would be the last finalist. Stan Van Samang was still convinced of Luís capabilities but the rest of the jury preferred Ymke. Ymke couldn’t believe her ears and was over the moon. She promissed to be fully prepared for the tough finals of tomorrow after a good night sleep. 

See our video below! 

Tomorrow there’s the big final, broadcast live on Ketnet at 17h45. Four finalists will compete, in this order:

  • Ymke – Vive La Fête                                                                                                                                 
  • Ferre – (Met Mijn) Ogen Toe                                                                           
  • Jill & Lauren – Get Up!                                                                                        
  • DnA – Power Aan De Kids                                                                                                                            

Belgian viewers will be able to vote through televoting. SMS-votes will count for 50%, the other 50% consists of the votes of the professional jury. The winner of the show will represent Belgium at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, on the 20th of November in Minsk, Belarus.