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Yerevan 2011: Reach for the top!

"We are happy to reach this milestone. Now, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Yerevan has a face! The logo is vibrant, young and playful. The slogan Reach For The Top really reflects the ambition of the contestants, and hopefully inspires a young generation of Armenians to do the same," said Sietse Bakker, EBU Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The logo, which was designed by the AMPTV creative team in cooperation with Anton Baranov and the EBU, will be made available in the flag colors of all participating countries, to be used for national selections and promotional purposes. 

"It is not by accident that our choice fell on this option which best expresses the feast for the guests, the musicality of our participants and the hospitality of our country. Every year, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest gathers around itself all the members of our friendly European family called EBU. The family, which warmly and openly welcomes all people of this planet. This year the capital of this 'planet' will become Yerevan - a city of multi-century history, musical traditions, hospitable people and happy children... A city of peace, music and sun," said Gagik Buniatyan General Producer of Yerevan 2011 and Director General of AMPTV. "We will be happy to welcome each and every participant and guest of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 without exceptions at our home. And we will do everything so that every one of you finds his or her peak in our mountainous country," he added.

The logo of the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will shortly start to show up in the streets of Yerevan..!