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Who are the faces of Junior 2010?

21 July 2010 at 19:28 CEST

Alexander Martynenko, the Executive Producer of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest said: "In the first time of history of the contest we decided to involve ordinary Belarusians in the process of preparations for the show. In our country the interest to the contest is really high. We received many applications from people who really wanted to be a part of this great event!".

The "star" part of "faces" consists of previous Junior Eurovision Song Contest winners Alexei Zhigalkovich and Ksenia Sitnik, participants Yuriy Demidovich, Alina Molosh, Daria Nadina and also well-known media persons: TV-host Denis Kurian, a tennis player, singer and a TV-host Olga Barabanschikova, dancer and TV-host Irina Kazantseva and the actor Andrei Bibikov. Also ordinary students and big fans of the contest - Yulia Brazhinskaya and Ilya Ilmurskiy - were picked to be the "faces of the contest".

Ilya Ilmurskiy, winner of the casting: "I am so happy to be one of these "faces of the contest". To tell the truth I knew that there would be a lot of applicants, but I still decided, why not? I'm sure, one who does not try, will never succeed!"

11 winners of promo-action took part in a rather unusual photo shooting. To create a sense of freedom and flight (according to the logo it is the main idea of the contest), all participants had to jump on the real trampoline.

Later the best photos will be decorated with different coloured wings, made in the style of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This casting and photo shootings - is only one bit of the plan of the promotion for the contest in Belarus.

Later, when all participants of JESC 2010 will be selected, on the Minsk's streets will appear another series of billboards. Here Belarusians and guests will see all of our young performers. According to BTRC, from the very first minute on the Belarusian land, all young stars should feel themselves as winners!