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What will the postcards and opening shots look like?

07 October 2014 at 13:11 CEST

Production of the postcards has involved more than 400 hours of filming in picturesque locations around the Maltese islands, more than 300 performers, and 600 shots- all of which has taken two months! By using backdrops such as Mdina, a historical city full of culture and heritage, to film sequences that include a freestyle BMX stunt show, PBS has unified the traditional with the modern.

Permission was granted to use of some of Malta’s most prestigious heritage sites. Through this initiative, Malta is being promoted as a place to visit for history, culture, sports, beaches, and relaxing landscapes.

The filming was a local production handled by a team of three production members and five crew members including Charles Ahar, the cinematographer who created last year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest postcards, and producers Rodney Gauci and Daniel Chircop. With a wealth of experience and imagination, they have managed to create something bigger and better for this year’s Junior Eurovision.

Editing the postcards presented challenges, not only combining artistic shots with appropriate music, but also adjusting to restrictions within the locations used. A number of stunt-constructions had to be created during the filming, which also had further challenges with filming at night and underwater - but the Maltese production team excelled themselves to produce thrilling results that will leave audiences craving the experiences featured in these videos!

Various equipment had to be used such as a heli-drone, slider and track, a helicopter provided by the Armed Forces of Malta and an underwater camera. All helped to make the final product even more intriguing.

Opening sequence

PBS Malta has also revealed that the opening of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will take the audience on a journey through the Maltese islands, portraying a message to young people that says, “Look up, there’s a great world out there. Go out, have fun and explore it!” The aim is to inspire the upcoming generation to take a break from technology and be more physically active. It will include aerial shots giving a very different perspective of familiar places so that even the Maltese audience will be surprised.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the live show to see just how it'll look like. But for now, why not enjoy these photos from the postcard shooting:

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