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What Mishela did next...

09 December 2015 at 15:02 CET

First up in our series is Mishela Rapo from Albania. By finishing fifth, Mishela equalled Albania's best ever finish in any Eurovision event and is the highest-placed Albanian entrant in the competition ever. But what happened to Mishela when she headed home? We found out!

Mishela's homecoming...

"When I got back to Albania, my family and friends were waiting for me, and they were so excited. On the same day, I received many invitations for interviews in many different Televisions. In the Albanian Public Radio-Television, Monika Lubonja (The Director of the National Cultural Center of Children), Ketrin Gjoca (Journalist), and Shkëlzen Sinani (The Director of Photography) who were a part of the Albanian Delegation in Sofia, opened their new program titled “Dambaje” just like my song, and I was the first special guest."

First day back at school...

"They welcomed me in an wonderful way. I am actually studying at the Turkish College “Mehmet Akif”, and The Director my School and all the Teachers gave me flowers and organized a concert upon my arrival, and I was really surprised."

Memories of Junior Eurovision 2015...

"I have had many unforgettable memories. Firstly I made many new friends, and then I saw Sofia, a fabulous city with a great hospitality. My Bulgarian friend who I have met at the International Festival of Language and Culture came to meet me too and we spent some time together."

It was dream that came true, and the reality was better than the dream.

What next...?

"At the moment I am concentrating on school. Finally I have finished successfully my artistic activities for children. Directly after getting back to Albania, I won the first prize at the Art’s and Literature’s Competition in our college, and now I am preparing for the Competition among all the Turkish Colleges in Albania. Soon I will be a part of a great concert with the most famous singers in Albania, and all the benefits from this concert will go to cure sick children with cancer."

Check out a couple of pictures from Mishela's welcome back to her school:

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