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What Ivana & Magdalena did next...

We caught up with the two girls from Skopje to see how they're doing two months later!

Ivana & Magdalena's homecoming...

Ivan: "Actually my parents, close friends and cousins, aunts, uncles were all there in Sofia to support me - and they were really proud of me no matter the place we got! Yes we finished in last place, I am sad about that , but I'm also happy for the big experience I had with being a part of that contest."

Magdalena "My uncle came to pick us up. He was very happy to see me and he told us that we were great!"

First day back at school...

I: "When i got in school i was thinking that everyone will make a kind of fun that i got last place. But that wasn't true . When i got to school we everyone was clapping and shouting Ivana you are the best and no matter the place you had a perfect performance'. I didn't expect that. I was so happy and i knew that i have a big support behind me. Also the teachers supported me."

M: "My friends from school were very happy and excited to see me, and some of the kids that didn't know that I was in the same school as them came and asked for an autograph. We were taking pictures and talking about my trip. And they didn't expect that one of the girls that represented us on JESC is at the same school as them!"

Memories of Junior Eurovision 2015...

I: "Well, everything was a big memory for us. But for me, the best memory was the friendships with so many talented singers, the step on the big stage, the interviews and discovering Bulgaria."

M: "My best memories were the nights that we spend with some of the participates of JESC and when we were singing in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel."

I have the biggest luck to be a part of this contest and i wish everyone that love to sing to work on their dream because they will come true - Ivana

I met some incredible people, had the time of my life, and gained beautiful friendship - Magdalena

What next?

I: "I will continue with this career, but maybe not this period because when i was in Bulgaria i lost lot of my school so i want to work on my school right now. But yes everyone should expect something from me."

M: "I'm going to do lots of new covers and songs, plus I'm going to the high school for music in Macedonia. And also I'm going to take a part of a lot other contests for singing."