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What Destiny did next...

Destiny's homecoming

There was a big number of people waiting for me at the airport in Malta, it was such an amazing experience. When I came out the all started singing "Not my soul" and it was just amazing.

First day back at school

I had a surprise when I got back to school! All of the students were allowed to not wear uniform, they were singing my song, and my school music teacher taught them all the lyrics. I came in, and everyone was like "No, no, no, not my soul". I couldn't believe it!

Memories of Junior Eurovision 2015

I will obviously remember all the friends I made, it was such a lovely experience meeting new people and making new friends. I had the chance to meet Vincenzo, who also gave me a big surprise when he came to Malta! I'm really very happy with all the feedback everybody gave me, and I'm so looking forward to going to the Eurovision Song Contest. I'm still in contact with Ruslan Aslanov, Vincenzo, Misha Rapo, Mika, and Misha. 

It was an experience I'll never forget.

What next...?

At the moment I'm working on new songs, new projects, but obviously I can't tell you about them yet, no no no! You'll see :)