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Ula Ložar: "The stage is even better than I imagined it!"

11 November 2014 at 17:53 CET

Ula was wearing a beautiful white dress with a tutu. She stands in the centre of the stage during the entire song, making only slight moves. She gives a very impressive and vocally very powerful performance already in her first rehearsal.

The backdrop is dark blue and black, with white and light blue lights, just like stars. During the second chorus, the backdrop turns into flying lights in red and orange, while strong white lights from the back light up the stage very nicely.

When we spoke to Ula about the stage, she said: "Oh my Goodness, the stage is so big, and so nice, and the stars in back look so lovely! It is even better than I imagined it!"

Ula added: "All my friends are very happy that I am representing Slovenia at Junior Eurovision, and they message me every day. I hope I will bring them nice Eurovision memories. And I also made good friends with everyone here, especially with the girls from Ukraine, Belarus, and Bulgaria. Krisia also made me an amazing bracelet. She is so sweet!"

Ula will have her second rehearsal at the same time on Thursday morning, and on Saturday evening she will perform 9th.

Check out the impression of Ula's first rehearsal right here: