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Ukraine's blossoming talents

Ukraine hosted last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and very nearly won for the second year in a row when Sofia Tarasova finished as runner up. Can Sympho-Nick keep Ukraine’s recent good record going?

The trio ‘Sympho-Nick’, which is representing Ukraine this year, is made up of Marta (13), Amaliia (12) and Sofiia (12).

Sympho-Nick’s road to Malta

The three girls came together through project “Music Academy of Eurovision”. Entering as individuals, they became good friends and decided that they couldn’t compete against each other – so entered as a trio. Having won the academy show, the girls were granted a place in Ukraine’s national selection for Junior Eurovision 014, which took place in the mountains Bukovel. They won the selelction show, and earned the right to represent Ukraine in Malta.

About the song

Sympho-Nick will perform “Spring will come” in the Malta Shipbuilding. The song is a about wonderful country, with talented people and beautiful nature that is especially attractive in spring time. The main message of the song is to show the awakening of the nature in spring and the belief in a blooming future. The song is performed in Ukrainian, but the verse translates as:

Our stars are shining
Life – so exciting
Spring will come and warm us
And we have a dream
And the future sings

On stage

The stage choreography will underline the importance of unity of three components for any plant to grow and bloom in spring. Therefore, each of the girls will hold a leaf symbolising a seed, water and ground. When all these elements come together, magic will happen on stage! “Thanks to Tetiana Ostroverkh, an experienced choreographer well-known in Europe, the viewers will have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the fairytale on stage. In today’s difficult time, that Ukraine is experiencing, a fairytale is extremely needed by the kids and by adults,” says NTU.

Video greeting

Sympho-Nick have sent us a video greeting, which you can watch below:


You can find out more about Sympho-Nick by:

Watch Sympho-Nick’s video!