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Ukraine's Anna Trincher: "Believe in yourself, and never give up!"

Dressed in a flowy orange outfit and emerging from a glittering, metallic lotus at the beginning of her song, Anna sang "Pochny z sebe ("Start With Yourself)" with a lot of power and passion. With images of nature on the screens behind her (ranging from waterfalls and dolphins to volcanoes and flames), the intensity of the presentation seemed to rise with that of the song, until the song's close, when we zoom out on a quietly spinning Earth.

When we asked her about her experience on stage today, Anna said, "the stage was huge! I loved the way the lighting turned out, and the background looks incredible. Of course, I have a lot of notes for myself on ways to improve. Also, my flower didn't open properly during one of the run-throughs...I hope that doesn't happen on the night of the Final!" She mentioned that she's had the chance to meet a bunch of the other contestants, and wishes for all of her new friends to believe in themselves, and never give up!

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