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Tonight: Ukraine picks its entry for Sofia

In a live television selection show, 14 singers will perform their would-be entries for the competition in Sofia on 21 November, with the winner taking the ticket to Bulgaria. The show will take place at the Beach Complex “Olmeca Plage” which is situated at the river Dnipro in Kyiv, and will be decided by a combination of jury and telephone voting - with a maximum of 20 SMS messages per number. In the case of a tie, the jury preference will prevail.

Earlier this week the running order draw took place, allocating the positions in which the 14 acts will sing. The result of this, and the order for tonight, is:

  1. Voice Land (show-group) – Dytynstvo (Childhood) 
  2. Anastsiia Tkachuk – Moia zemlia (My land)
  3. Fresh (band)– Zhyvy na povnu (Live to the full extent)
  4. Alisa Panchuk – Spivai (Sing)
  5. Katriona Hannah (Kyiv) – Fly
  6. Zabava (group) – Lety (Fly)
  7. Nina Boikova – Rozmaliui moi sny (Colour my dreams)
  8. Mariia Karogodska  – V sertsi musyka ie (There is music in the heart)
  9. Sofiia Dobryvecher (14) – My khochemo myru (We want to have peace)
  10. Anna Trincher – Pochny z sebe (Start with yourself) 
  11. Sofiia Iaremova – Salsa
  12. Iaryna Taras  – Povir u chudesa (Believe in miracles)
  13. Nazarii Stinianskyi - Come-on
  14. Viktoriia Sviatogor – Sylna. Vilna (Strong. Free)

Zlata Ognevich, who sang for Ukraine in Eurovision 2013 and then hosted the Junior edition in the same year, will be a special guest in the show - along with Oleksandr Ponomariov, Ukraine's first Eurovision representative 21 years ago. The show will be hosted by Timur Miroshnychenko and Roman Koliada.

Watch live online!

You can follow the show live with us here on from 17:45 on the webstream!