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Tonight: Decision time in The Netherlands

03 October 2015 at 11:17 CEST

It's all set for tonight's Junior Songfestival final, as Studio's Aalsmeer prepares to host the five finalists to decide who will win the ticket to Sofia and Junior Eurovision 2015. If you are in The Netherlands, here are all the details you need to tonight, either by phone or SMS:

  1. Nohr: Call 0909-8851 or SMS Junior 1 naar 9090
  2. Myrthe: Call 0909-8852 or SMS Junior 2 naar 9090
  3. Guusje: Call 0909-8853 or SMS Junior 3 naar 9090
  4. Shalisa: Call 0909-8854 or SMS Junior 4 naar 9090
  5. 4LIFE: Call 0909-8855 or SMS Junior 5 naar 9090

As with the two semifinals, tonight's winner will be chosen by a combination of votes: an adult jury, a kids' jury, and the votes of the Dutch public. The Junior Songfestival final starts at 19:00 tonight!