Tonight: Armenia Decides... Watch it live!

This evening's show in Yerevan sees 10 young talents take to the stage, with one lucky winner going on to represent Armenia in Malta this November. In the running are:

  1. Mery Kocharyan "Chi Kareli"
  2. Yuna "Walk Around"
  3. Arman & Elina "Galaxy"
  4. Narek "Ashun"
  5. Mery M "#Peace"
  6. Srbuhi feat.DDJ "Zurna"
  7. Mika (Mikayel Varosyan) "Mankutyan Khorhurd"
  8. Suzy "I dream"
  9. Karen Ohanyan feat. Mika "Shine Out"
  10. Betty "People Of The Sun"

Watch it live!

Starting at 19:30 local time, which is 17:30 CET. You can watch the entire show live here on our WebTV player! You can also check out photos from the rehearsals below:

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