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Tolmachevy Twins to "Shine" in Copenhagen

19 March 2014 at 21:59 CET

The Tolmachevy Twins, now known as the Tolmachevy Sisters, have been selected internally to represent Russia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – which takes place in Copenhagen in May. The song they have entered is called “Shine”, which was partly written by one of the biggest music names in Russia and the former Soviet Union – Phillip Kirkorov.

From Junior to 'Senior'
Since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was launched in 2003, many artists that represented their country in the children's contest have tried to also make the Eurovision Song Contest stage - with Viktoria Petryk and Daniel Testa both coming agonisingly close this year. Very few have made it though, although Nevena Božović was part of ‘Moje 3’ – the girl band that represented Serbia in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. She sang "Piši mi", which came third.

This means that the Tolmachevy Twins are the first people to make the step from Junior to ‘senior’ participating as the same act – so from everyone at Junior Eurovision, congratulations!

However the Tolmachevy Twins are just one of 37 acts taking part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, about which you can read more by clicking: here.