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Second rehearsal 2017 of Maria Iside Fiore from Italy
Second rehearsal 2017 of Maria Iside Fiore from Italy
Photo: Thomas Hanses

The week of... Maria Iside Fiore from Italy

Maria Iside Fiore represented Italy at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Scelgo (My Choice)'. Today we look back at her week in Tbilisi.

Maria Iside Fiore was born in 2004 and attends the musical section of her local junior high school. She plays clarinet and sings in the school choir. When Maria Iside was four, she started dancing in the Danzabilmente group, which promotes the integration of disabilities through the dance. She is still an active member of the ensemble. 

In 2015 Maria Iside started singing solo thanks to her teacher and the following year she took part in several talent shows and contests at a local and national level. Scelgo (My Choice) depicted a young girl’s dilemma about her future. Her choice is made: she will not bend to the fear of the unknown and the different: she will be open and freely express herself and her feelings.   

As with all the Junior Eurovision contestants, we challenged Maria Iside to answer a few questions as part of our Challenge Wheel series. Check out the video below!

Prior to making the journey to Tbilisi, Maria Iside also filmed a special 60 second video where she answered a series of questions. Watch the video below:

The meaning of Maria Iside's song came true on stage in Tbilisi, the young singer looked confident and comfortable as she performed. When it comes to singing, Maria Iside is far from afraid!