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The Peppermints: “The excitement was huge but we had fun”

11 November 2014 at 15:54 CET

San Marino's Peppermints impressed during the rehearsal with their energy, their voices and their stage performance. The audience will love their choreography and how they use the catwalk and interact with the spectators. The background, full of stars, constellations and fireworks, gives even more colour to their performance. Anita, Greta, Raffy, Sara and Arianna have worked hard on their dance and the result was very positive.

After the rehearsal, we had the chance to talk to The Peppermints: “It went quite OK but we still have to work on some things. The excitement was huge: the stage, the lights... but we had fun.” For them, this experience is special not only because of the country (it is their first time in Malta) but also because of the competition: “We made quite some friends already with other countries, although sometimes we have small issues with the language. But above all, it is an opportunity to perform in front of the European audience and to make friends from other countries. We hope we keep in touch with them after the contest.”

Remember that The Peppermints will perform the song “You are breaking my heart” in the 3rd place on Saturday.