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The choice of Moldova is Denis!

09 October 2012 at 20:45 CEST

The national selection of Moldova was held the 5th of October at Teleradio-Moldova, TRM, Studio1. In the show, the song that will represent the country at the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest was chosen. The six competitors were heard and evaluated by five judges (winner in bold):

  • Nadejda Volc - Eu Cred (I Believe)
  • Cătălin Cauş - Libertate (Freedom)
  • Ecaterina Lisin - Încearcă (Try It)
  • Alina Sorochina - Între nu şi da (Between No And Yes)
  • Denis Midone - Toate Vor Fi (All Will Be) 
  • Andreea Braga -  My Lucky Light

A happy Denis Midoni gained the highest number of points totalling 48.5 points. Four of the jury members gave Denis the maximum 10 points score: George Voinovan, Vlad Mircos, Natalie Thomas and Adrian Ursu, while the 5th jury, John Chiorpec, gave it 8.5 points. 

The winning song is composed by Marian Stârcea and written by Radmila Popovici-Paraschiv. You can watch a clip with the winning entry Toate Vor Fi on TRM's website and also check out a gallery right here:

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This will be Moldova's third participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which celebrates it's 10th edition on the 1st of December in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).