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Sympho-Nick: "We want to show the world how talented our country is!"

Marta, Sofiia, and Amaliia, all dressed in blue, really bring the idea of the coming of spring to life. They begin their performance in front of a backdrop of dark mountains, bare branches, and falling snow. During the first lines of the song, the three girls combine water, earth, and seeds, bringing new life to barren gound. As their time on stage progresses, flowers begin to bloom, and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.

When asked about their experience on stage today, the girls said: "We are very happy that we had this's exciting!" They've been working hard, but have been making time for fun, of course. They've taken a bit of time to explore Valetta and appreciate the local culture.

All three of the girls have taken part in local festivals and competitions in the past, but they say that they've been working especially hard as they prepare for Eurovision, since they're not just representing themselves, but their entire homeland. This is such a huge festival, and a dream come true for them. Marta says, "We want to show the world how talented our country is!"

On Saturday, Sympho-Nick will perform eighth in the running order.