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Sweden chooses Elias for Kyiv!

Lilla Melodifestivalen 2013, the Swedish national final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Gröna Lund, was presented by Kim Ohlsson. One of this year's participants in the "adult" Melodifestivalen, Behrang Miri, also too part as co-presenter and guest artist.

This was the line-up of the show (winner in bold):

  1. Mazen Awad - Kämpa (Fight)
  2. Mimi & Märta - Var Dej Själv!  (Be Yourself)
  3. Tilda Anvemyr - För Alltid (Forever)
  4. Rami Style - Nivå Från Topp Till Tå (Level From Head To Toe)
  5. Vilhelm Buchaus - För Alltid Och En Dag (Forever And A Day)
  6. Elias Elffors Elfström - Det Är Dit Vi Ska (There We Go)
  7. Klara Sundin - Jag är En Ros (I Am A Rose)
  8. Mathilda Lindström - Lycka (Happiness)

Other guests included two-times Melodifestivalen contestant David Lindgren and last year's Lilla Melodifestivalen winner Lova Sönnerbo.

In the end jury's spokesperson, Christer Björkman, appeared on stage to declare the winner and that was Elias with the uplifting song Det Är Dit Vi Ska which translates as There We Go.

Elias (pictured below) is 13 years old, lives in Stockholm and introduces himself as a singer and dancer of all styles! He loves tacos, playing the piano and dancing all the time. His favourite artist is David Bowie and his favourite bands are Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park.

Lova Sönnerbo ended in 6th place in the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam with her beautiful ballad Mitt Mod.