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Sophia Patsalides: “When I'm on stage, I'm at home”

Sophia was alone on the stage, but she showed great charisma and a great voice during this first rehearsal. Her song starts with a slow rhythm and images of rain, but afterwards the 'explosion' comes and the stage becomes more colourful and electric, with images of clouds and lightning. We could also see Sophia on the catwalk, encouraging the audience to sing and dance along.

"When I'm on stage, I'm at home", those were Sophia's first words after her first rehearsal at the venue. “The stage is amazing, so nice! I can't believe I'm part of this, it is incredible”. She also said that she has a great camaraderie with the other participants: "We became good friends, I love their songs and they are really kind and friendly." She also declared herself a fan of the Junior Eurovision: "I watch it every year, and I love it."

Remember that Sophia Patsalides will perform her song “I pio omorfi mera” 5th in the running order on Saturday.