Slovenia's shining light

Ula Ložar lives in Ljubljana and is proud to be the first contestant to represent Slovenia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Ula's road to Malta

Ula has already appeared in many singing events and contests and was internally selected by RTVSLO.  A lover of ballads, she composed the music to her song, ‘Nisi Sam’ (Your Light), with the help of the famous Slovenian duo Raay and Marjetka Vovk. Both have previous experience of working on songs for the Eurovision Song Contest.

About the song

"Nisi Sam / Your light" is about having the support you need during life’s tougher times, and knowing that "You're not alone" - which is the English translation of the title. The song wil lbe performed mainly in Slovenian, however starts with Ula singing in English.

Translated to English, Ula sings:

I want you to know that I am
Here for you now
Because together it is easy.
When the going gets rough
Hold my hand…

On stage

Ula will perform her entry entirely alone on stage. Standing in the very centre of the stage in the Malta Shipbuilding, she will let her voice power through and across Europe!

Video greeting

Ula has sent us a video greeting, which you can watch below:

You can find out more about Emilija by:

Watch Ula's video!

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