Sarlote made one day in school unusual

Sarlote, the soloist, Liva, her teacher and Ralfs, the Latvian spokesperson took their seats at the front of the classroom.

The Latvian contest commentator Valters opened the conference. It turned out that Sarlote’s number of the running order is 8. This is the date of her birthday too, so it is a lucky number for Sarlote.

Her teacher Liva explained that even though her song Viva La Dance sounds quite easy, it’s rather complicated and turns out to be a serious exam for Sarlote.

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Latvian spokesperson Ralfs wrote a song about a monkey for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Latvian selection six years ago and now he is going to be more serious and write a song about a gorilla for the Eurovision Song Contest next year, he said! 

The commentator Valters is also a Eurovision-guy, he together with Kazha is the Latvian duo who represented their homeland at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with The War Is Not Over.  

Later, schoolchildren were asked to send in their questions and Sarlote presented her single and badges to everyone.

Sarlote wil represent Latvia at this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk, on the 20th of November.

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