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Ruslan: "My experience today in one word... amazing"

Performing from a small raised platform, Ruslan gave several very emotional and passionate performances this afternoon. The backdrop for this performance sees a tree changing colours with various effects. With one move of his arm, Ruslan is able to change the background effects through the song, creating his magic on stage.

As they key change comes in, as well as the switching of the song into English, the tree is set alight to bring the final crescendo of song. A seasoned performer, Ruslan certainly knows where the camera is - and despite being alone on the stage here in Sofia, his personality more than fills it for this song!

"In one word, my experience today was awesome! I really like the stage. When I got on to the stage, I felt goosebumps because I started to realise that finally I am here, representing my whole country," said an emotional Ruslan. "The organisation is great - everyone here is so professional, and the sound system is really great."

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