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Ruslan hits studio to prepare for Sofia

Last week a recording was held at BTRC to film the overall plan for the stage presentation of the song. This three-minute performance video will be sent on to the Junior Eurovision show producers, who are also beginning to prepare for the event.

The recording was done using a green background, spotlights and only one camera. Each delegation is obliged to send a similar video before the middle of next month to the production team. Before sending it to Sofia, the green background will be replaced with original graphics by BNT. The song "Magic" will be accompanied by a giant LED screen. The final image viewers will see only during the live broadcast from Sofia.

"This year we’re going to Sofia with our own graphics and content, which you’ll see on the screen during the show. We’re making the whole performance only with the help of Belarusian directors and graphic designers. This year it is allowed to bring our own content and graphics," said Director Gleb Shappo.

The arrangement of the song has also been worked on to improve the sound quality for Sofia. "The arrangement will be changed a little bit, the sounds of the melody are a bit different as well as the rhythmic base of drums in the final part of the song. Ruslan will now sing the final part of the song in English, which lifts the overall mood of the song up," added Vocal Coach Olga Drozdova.

"We’ve been working on this song for quite a while," said an excited Ruslan after the filming. "I’ve learnt the new English chorus and here, in the studio, I’ve sung the updated version of the song for the first time." The next event in Ruslan’s preparations for the Junior Eurovision 2015 is the professional photo shoot near Minsk!

The above is a translation of a BTRC news report. You can watch the original language version below: