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Relive the Junior Eurovision 2020 Opening Ceremony

23 November 2020 at 16:56 CET
The Opening Ceremony of Junior Eurovision 2020 took place on 23 November EBU / Stijn Smulders
The Opening Ceremony of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 took place in Warsaw today, and it sure was a very special edition, using XR technology! Did you miss the event? Let's recap!

The Opening Ceremony kicked off with host Mateusz Szymkowiak welcoming everyone watching from Europe and beyond. Each year, the event kicks off the Junior Eurovision week with the participants walking down the Red Carpet. Like most other things in 2020, this year's edition was a bit different. Using the latest XR technology, Mateusz welcomed the 12 acts taking part in this year's Contest.

Re-watch the live stream here:

Jacek Kurski, President of TVP, and Gert Kark, Project Manager at the European Broadcasting Union, were welcomed to the stage. Jacek said: "Welcome to Poland! The memory of the day when Viki Gabor's Superhero won the competition still fills us with deep emotions. Even more now, during this global pandemic, when every day we can hear stories of the superheroes working in our communities and fighting the coronavirus. [...] This event has been a great challenge and I am very proud of everyone involved. It is the power of song to uplift our spirits. [...]. Young artists, let us experience the power of your songs. Let us Move The World!"

Gert Kark added: "On behalf of the EBU, we are excited and proud to bring the young artists of this year's Contest together this coming Sunday. Although in a different format than we're used to. Throughout this journey, our plans had to be changed weekly, if not daily. Unfortunately, we are not able to welcome the 12 delegations to Warsaw this week, but we need to keep in mind, that considering the times, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a unique show and probably the largest international project produced in a way that you're about to witness on Sunday. Without the creativity, experience and energy of TVP, this would never have happened."

Host Mateusz Szymkowiak, TVP president Jacek Kurski and EBU project manager Gert Kark EBU / Stijn Smulders

Immediately after, Junior Eurovision 2019 winner Viki Gabor joined Mateusz on stage to draw the first, last and Polish performance position for the live show on Sunday 29 November. Like Mateusz said, "We need a Superhero for this task!

Viki Gabor joined Mateusz on stage EBU / Stijn Smulders

Poland will perform 6th, Germany will perform 1st and France will close the show as the 12th performance of the afternoon. Stay tuned for the rest of the running order, decided by the show's producers based on the sequence that will allow every song to stand out and every artist to shine on stage.

Germany will perform 1st on Sunday 29 November EBU / Stijn Smulders

France will close the show on 29 November 2020 EBU / Stijn Smulders

Next up, Mateusz and Viki gave the online audience a sneak peek into the studio ánd postcards of the 12 performers.

The Opening Ceremony ended with a performance from Viki Gabor singing the Common Song, Move The World. Gromee, a Polish music producer and DJ who represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, produced the Common Song. It emphasizes the power and possibilities of the young generation. They are the future, and they want to be united because they are the ones who will Move The World.

The Opening Ceremony of Junior Eurovision 2020 took place on 23 November EBU / Stijn Smulders

Tune in this Sunday 29 November at 17:00 CET for the 18th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Until then, keep checking for backstage reports, videos and other exciting sneak peeks from the 12 acts taking part this year!