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Ralf: "It's really amazing!"

"It's really amazing, totally awesome!" was his first reaction. "It's been a really busy and a great week and I'm sure next year it's going to be great too!" 

His formula to victory seems fairly easy: "Just gotta go for the 100%. You gotta do it all the way or not at all, that's what makes the difference!" And he thinks that tapping might've been the key to his victory.

By the way, check out our gallery below!

'I love entertaining!'

He says that entertainment is his life. "I love entertaining and I wanna do something in it - singing, dancing or acting." 

When asked about girls in his life, he made many girls happy - he doesn't have a girlfriend yet! But it's normals as, like he put it, he's been busy and it's going to be busy for him now for a while. 

'We're all winners!'

What do you think when are they going to bed tonight? "We're going to PARTY!!" Ralf shouted. "I wish all the others a very fun party tonight! And a bright future and a great entertainment career. We're all winners!"

Congratulations to Ralf and the Netherlands once again! thanks all our visitors, NTU, Kyiv and all the delegations! See you in Minsk, next year!