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Participants Press Conference, La Seine Musicale, 18 December 2021
Beknur takes questions alongside Alinur
Photo: Andres Putting/EBU

Press Conference for the Junior Eurovision Stars ⭐️

Just a few hours before their Jury Dress Rehearsal, this year's 19 Junior Eurovision acts met with the international press gathered in Paris.

📺 Watch: Press Conference – All 19 Participants

Waving their flags and grinning from ear to ear (even behind their masks), the acts competing for the Junior Eurovision trophy took questions from the accredited press, as well as a few questions from online.

The first ten acts in the running order take questions from the audience.Andres Putting/EBU
Pauline from Germany says she’s happy to open the show, so she can watch the rest of Junior Eurovision from the stage!Andres Putting/EBU
Italy’s Elisabetta Lizza answers a question, while Ike and Kaya from Malta look on. Andres Putting/EBU

Betta from Italy says she doesn’t feel the pressure to win after Måneskin’s win in Rotterdam and the Italian national team’s championship at the Euros this summer. 'I feel a responsibility, but I’m not nervous, ' she says. 'It’s a victory to be here.'

Draped in his national flag, Portugal’s Simão Oliveira chats with our conference host.Andres Putting/EBU
Sara James from Poland fields a question. She credits her self-confidence to to the incredible team around her.Andres Putting/EBU

Our stars were asked about their favourite cities, and it looks like they reached a consensus… Paris tops the list!

The second half of our 2021 Junior Eurovision performers meet the press.Andres Putting/EBU
Albania’s Anna Gjebrea, looking calm, cool, and collected.Andres Putting/EBU

When faced with the question 'who would you pick to win if you don’t take the trophy home’, our artists were very diplomatic.

Most of them agreed: it’s an honour to be performing at Junior Eurovision, and this year’s songs are so diverse, and performed by such talented people… it’s impossible to choose!

Dajte Muzika from North Macedonia have an important environmental message to share, and they cited Greta Thunberg as an influence.Andres Putting/EBU

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