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Presenting... the stage

The stage was presented to the Heads of Delegations this morning, and has been one of several ‘wow factors’ during the presentations so far.

It has been designed by Claudio Santucci, of Milan-based company Gio’Forma. The concept for the set is origami, inspired by the triangle of the Junior Eurovision logo. “It’s a very flexible and easy to use shape,” says John McCullagh, who is the Creative Director for this year’s competition. “The ancient art of Origami shows us how something simple can be transformed into something much more complex with just a little patience, practiced, and understanding. Our origami set is, therefore, the blank canvas on which the delegations can tell their story”.

Overall, there will 508 square metres of LED used in the stage. The stage design features:

  • A 9m high high-resolution LED wall
  • A 28m wide stage floor, with smaller LED elements
  • A lighting wall behind the main LED screen if required
  • Two catwalks
  • Two stage doors for “on and off” access
  • Low resolution LED mirror frames

The entire venue is 30,000 metres square. The production team will move in on 21 October, and begin pre-rigging around 30 October. They are planning to be ready and finished for technical rehearsals already on 6 November.

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