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Presenting the 2015 logo!

23 June 2015 at 20:59 CEST
The meeting, which took place at BNT's headquarters in the Bulgarian capital, saw this year's host broadcaster present key figures and concepts for the 2015 production which takes place in the Arena Armeec on 21 November.
The main focus of the meeting began with the logo, which BNT presented for approval by the Steering Group. Their approval means we can show it to you now!
Director General of BNT, Viara Ankova, described the concept behind the logo, that "through creativity we are all curious and inquisitive, which means that we start to discover the world around us. From our experiences we discover our inner selves, our passions and our aspirations. We live in a technological world with horizons and opportunities ever expanding."
This led the creative team to the logo itself, which is a technological flower based on the idea of a dandelion being blown - something that everyone has done as a child. "The logo is inspired by Bulgaria's beautiful nature" explains Viara. "The logo shows how Bulgaria’s young people are the seeds of the future; venturing out from the safety of tradition to explore and discover a new future for themselves and for us all."
The logo also features this year's slogan, which is #discover.