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Presenting: A film for special kids

06 October 2010 at 15:57 CEST

The main heroes of this project are "special kids". Some of them have problems with health, the others were born in problematic families. But these heroes themselves aren't afraid to speak about their worries, proving that they are wiser and much more courageous than many adults are. 

"Our project "UNICEF: Unite for Children" will be broadcast by all EBU members. We tried to emphasise in the film that disabled kids are like all others," says the host of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the co-author of the project Leila Ismailova.

The project was also supported by celebrities. One of them is the winner of the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest - Ksenia Sitnik. 

"All over the world successful and popular people, such as David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Shakira become goodwill ambassadors. So it's a great honor for me to tell about UNICEF’s activity in Belarus," says Ksenia.

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Each of us can help these "special kids". For this purpose it is just necessary to vote for your favorite participant: call or send and SMS message. All profits from the televoting will go to help those children.

So, don't miss this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest and make the world a better place. Let’s unite for children together with UNICEF!