Power failure at dress rehearsal

At the beginning of “Planet of the children”, the Bulgarian entry, a power failure caused the stage to go dark. Behind the scenes, the technical crew investigated the problem and found it to be a power failure for the LEDs and lighting.

“This was unfortunate, but it does show the reality of live broadcasts and the importance of rehearsals – not just for the participants, but also for all technical aspects of the show. I have been assured by PBS, the host broadcaster, that all issues will be rectified in time for tomorrow night's televised final, as well as the the technical rehearsal tomorrow morning,” said Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev.

Anton Attard, Executive Producer, said later in the evening that extra generators were being brought in to be fully prepared for tomorrow night's final. He also apologised to all delegations, members of the audience, and the European Broadcasting Union for the power failure.

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