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Poland's Olivia Wieczorek during rehearsals
Poland's Olivia Wieczorek during rehearsals
Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Poland's Olivia "I really like the stage, I think the show will be great"

Olivia Wieczorek will represent Poland in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Nie zapomnij. Today she rehearsed on the Junior Eurovision stage for the second time we caught up with the young singer after her rehearsal.

"I really like the stage, I feel happy. Malta is sunny, the people are friendly and they have helped me so much", said Olivia. Her song for Junior Eurovision is called Nie zapomnij (Don’t forget), composed by Piotr Rubik with lyrics by famous Polish music producer, rapper Dominik "Doniu" Grabowski. 

It was a race to the finish for Piotr, who submitted the song for the Polish national selection with days to spare. "I wrote the song starting on the Friday and the deadline was the Monday", said Piotr. "I didn't want to write a love song, I wanted to write something suitable for children and the whole family. I wanted to write a song reminding people of emotions and feelings. In this age of computers and text messages, people are longing for beautiful words. I also wanted to write a song which will show the beauty of Olivia's voice, we have been working together for some time and I wanted to showcase her talent".

"The song was written in three days but when you have an idea for a song it just comes, that's the beauty of the music", Piotr added.