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New stage design released for Minsk

25 August 2010 at 17:25 CEST

The stage consists of several constructions in the form of wings and round podiums for artists and hosts of the show. 

"Belarus is called the land under the white wings and this is the basis of the stage design. There are also a lot of elements similar to the logo of the contest, for example round podiums. We use the same colours and the green room will be very similar too, " the stage designer Ulf Mårtensson said. 

Daniel Elenek, the Swedish multicamera director, visited Minsk for the first time. He has worked on many large-scale television projects in Sweden, including two Swedish national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest. 

"This is my first experience at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and I am very excited! This project is important for me. In the Minsk Arena, I have to look around and figure out what and where to install, a total of 10-12 cameras. I am working hard and am preparing a detailed plan to be presented in October, " David Elenek said. 

Now, Ulf Mårtensson and David Elenek are going to work on the final draft  to make sure to have the best show. At the same, time their colleagues from BTRC, the Host Broadcaster, are responsible to produce all elements for the stage. The organisers prepare a lot of surprises, from the bright light on the stage to the audience right behind it.  Check out our gallery below!

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The eighth Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on the 20th of November in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.