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Nadezhda's falcon fairytale

Fourteen year old Nadezhda Misyakova, from Minsk, is no stranger to Junior Eurovision in Belarus - shepreviously participated in the qualifying rounds in 2012 and 2013, before finally winning the ticket to represent her country this year.

Nadezhda's road to Malta

The Junior Eurovision National Final in Belarus, held in August, produced one of the most tense moments of the competition so far this year. After the first round of voting by a jury and the public, the scores resulted in a three-way tie for first place! After a jury re-vote, it was decided that Nadezhda was the winner with her self-penned song "Sokol".

About the song

"Sokol" is based on an old Slavic fairy-tale called ‘Finist the Bright Falcon,’ in which a girl called Maryushka has to search for falcon and accomplish impossible tasks before he eventually turns into a handsome young man. In English, the chorus lyrics are:

‘Somewhere, somewhere, far away up there,

in the sky above the clouds

Falcon, Falcon, my pretty falcon

Can’t you hear I’m calling loud.’

On stage

In keeping with the traditional theme, the dancers accompanying Nadezhda play an ancient national musical instrument called a 'gudy'. Wheat fields and forests will be key elements to the backdrop, with the instruments of course having an important part in the staging. You can read more about Nadezhda's preparations: here.

Video greeting

Nadezdha has sent us a special video greeting, watch it below!

You can find out more about Nadezhda by:

Watch Nadezhda's Video!