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Mylène & Rosanne will represent the Netherlands

For the last two weeks The Netherlands broadcaster AVRO organised two semi-finals to pick the five acts on competition tonight for the honour of representing The Netherlands in the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine.

The presenter was the male half of the hosts of the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam, Ewout Genemans. This was the line-up in the final show (winner in bold):

  1. Loeki - Gewoon In Love
  2. Kim - Ik Ben Verliefd
  3. Sarah & Julia - Live Life
  4. Mathilde - Wondergirl
  5. Mylène & Rosanne - Double Me

The interval act featured all the participants in the AVRO Junior Songfestival 2013 singing the theme song Glitter & Glamour.

The voting

There was a five-member kids jury that include last year's winner of the Dutch final, Femke. Their favourites were Mylène & Rosanne. There was also a professional jury made up by Brownie Dutch, Katja Schuurman and Tim Douwsma. Their 12 points went to Kim. These two juries along with the viewers at home took the final decision.

It was a very exciting voting with all the drama leading up to the last vote by the TV viewers which awarded their maximum 12 points to Mylène & Rosanne. The twins will then travel to Kyiv in November to perform their Double Me in the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest dressed up in their cheerleader costumes!

This is the final ranking (kids jury + expert jury + televote):

  1. Mylène & Rosanne - Double Me 33 (12+9+12)
  2. Kim - Ik Ben Verliefd 31 (10+12+9)
  3. Sarah & Julia - Live Life 29 (9+10+10)
  4. Mathilde - Wondergirl 23 (8+7+8)
  5. Loeki - Gewoon In Love 22 (7+8+7)

Mylène & Rosanne

Mylène and Rosanne are twin sisters and were born in Badhoevedorp the 12th of February, 2000. They love singing, dancing and acting and for them, taking part in this competition seems like a lot of fun.

Our song is about that as twins we are the same but at the same time we are quite different

Apart from performing their hobbies are tennis, table tennis, football, playing outside and drawing. For Mylène the best home jobs are egg and cake baking and washing lettuce and the most boring ones are cleaning the room while the mess is not hers and unloading the dishwasher. Rosanne agrees but she also likes baking cookies and thinks that clothes cleaning is boring.

They don't have any crazy habit but they say that "we are all crazy ourselves!"